Hipp is a family owned, German formula and baby food company that has been bringing the world high quality, organic products since 1932. Their commitment to biodynamic and organic farming practices insure that your baby is getting the purest, most nutritious products available. Hipp knows the many needs of babies. Whether you need a regular organic formula (Hipp Bio); have a baby with a sensitive stomach (Hipp Bio Combiotik), acid reflux (Hipp Anti-Reflux), constipation or gas (Hipp Sensitive), allergies (Hipp HA Combiotic); or are nourishing an older child (Hipp Bio Kindermilch, Hipp Goodnight), Hipp has something for every situation.

Hipp History

In the late 1800’s, Joseph Hipp, a confectioner, made the first baby cereal out of crushed rusk (dry hard biscuits or twice baked bread) and milk. His wife had been having trouble nursing their twins, and so necessity lead to invention. Mr. Hipp’s invention took off and laid the foundation for the family business. His son George then founded his own food company in 1932. In 1956, their commitment to good farming practices lead the Hipp family to convert their farm into one of Europe’s first organic farms. Today the Hipp Family is managed by three brothers, Claus, George and Paulus Hipp, who have held true to the long tradition of producing the purest and most nutritious, biodynamically grown, organic foods on the market.

Hipp Distribution

With more than 6,000 organic source farms, Hipp has grown a lot since its founding. Hipp headquarters are located in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany with other locations in Austria and Hungary. Hipp formulas are exported from Austria to countries all over Europe and Asia. Until recently, it was difficult to purchase Hipp products in the United States. However, we at MyOrganicFormula.com are proud to be among the first to import Hipp products. Gone are the days when you had to wait a month or more to receive your formula; with our fast free shipping, you can have your formula in under a week.

Hipp, One Among Several

We are often asked what the difference between Hipp and Holle are. Both companies are European based and use similar organic, biodynamic farming techniques. With either company you can be assured that you are getting pure and wholesome products. Hipp, however has a wider variety of products to meet the needs of every situation. While Holle has a simple line of formulas (cow and goat milk), Hipp has developed formulas for babies with sensitive stomachs, constipation, allergies, who need probiotics; are older than 1 year; or need something more to keep them full during the night. The choice ultimately comes down to the individual situation.

Quality Ingredients

With Hipp you will never find any pesticides, herbicides, GMO ingredients, Antibiotics, Hormones or artificial and synthetic ingredients. Our formulas are also wheat and gluten free, many are soy free and all are peanut free. All Hipp products are produces with sustainability, animal welfare and world resources in mind. Their ingredients are safe and natural, nutritious and whole. Added sugars like corn syrup, rice syrup, glucose syrup, fructose and table sugar are never added to Hipp formulas. Instead, where carbohydrates are needed, lactose and maltodextrin are added for safe, closer to breastmilk, sustainable energy. Hipp formula also contains the right amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for proper growth, without all the added synthetic “nutrients” other formula companies add. With your child’s health and cognitive development in mind, Hipp includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from fish oil and vegetable sources. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids turn into the much acclaimed DHA and ARA in the body. Hipp has chosen to include these safe omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to protect your child from the harmful side effects of hexane and algea and fungal exposure found in most DHA and ARA additives. Many of Hipps formulas also contain probiotic cultures, Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and specially processed milk proteins to help nourish and protect your baby’s gut an immune system. (Hipp Combiotik, Hipp HA Combiotik, Hipp anti reflux, and Hipp sensitive).