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Our Story

We are a small start up working to bring you, our customers, the best baby care products available at the best prices on the web.  It all started with a beautiful baby named Roman.  When he was just starting out on formula we knew, as any good parent does, that we wanted what was best for him.  He had previously had trouble nursing, and as we worked our way through the domestic formulas he wouldn't take to any of them.  So, we did our research, and what we found was a wide range of quality and price through out the baby product industry.  It also became apparent that the products with the highest ratings and the best ingredients were difficult to find and often out of stock when we could find them.  This prompted us to start Healthier Baby Living.  It is our mission to make the highest quality baby products from around the world not only available, but also affordable with great customer service.  If you find yourself in the same place we did several months ago, wanting the best for your children, but not knowing where to look, please join us on our journey.Thanks,The HBL Family